BZE is now POS. No more minning. Pool is closed.

Miner Configuration


Payouts are done automatically after 100 confirmation with a minimum payout of 0.0001 BZE.

If payments stop going out, do not worry! Funds are safe! Blocks can still be found and will be credited to your worker! Please check the channels in discord to see if it's already being worked on.

Pending blocks have not yet been scanned by the payment processor and those blocks are waiting for 100 confirmations.

On your worker stats page, pending balance is the remaining estimated amount to be paid for blocks that were scanned but not yet eligible for payout because of min confirmations. Balance includes blocks that were scanned and already paid out but you have not yet met the min payout.

Payments that show up on the payments page initially are in the process of constructing transaction. Once the transaction actually broadcasts to the network, the blocks paid out will become hyperlinked to the explorer and then should arrive in your wallet in the next block or two.

GPU Mining

There are a few decent GPU miners available. You will need to experiment to find which one works best for you. DYOR on this and be sure to virus scan all the things!

Here are a couple well-known GPU miners:

If you are using miner not included here please send us your working config file and website where it is. If miner site will be safe for our miners we will include it here with example of the configuration

Rig Rental

If you need more hash you can always rent the rigs.
We did test Mining Rig Rentals and it is working with our pool.

To do this you can use our referential links below:

  • Home Page:

  • Registration Page

Server Rental

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